How Can I Upload More Than One Photo on Facebook?

By Angela Tague

After snapping photos from a vacation, holiday or event, share them with your friends and family on Facebook. Uploading more than one photo at a time from your computer requires the creation of a "photo album" on the social networking website. Facebook's free photo sharing option lets Facebook account holders upload multiple photos in one batch, provide a description of the photos in the album, caption individual images and identify people in the photos with Facebook's tagging system.

Step 1

Enter your email address and password on the Facebook homepage.

Step 2

Click on your avatar to access your page, also known as a wall.

Step 3

Click on the word "Photo" located under your personal information and thumbnails of recent photos uploaded to your account.

Step 4

Choose the "Create an Album" option in the newly exposed drop-down menu by clicking on the bolded text.

Step 5

View the "Upload Photos" pop-up box. Click on "Select Photos" on the lower right corner of the box.

Step 6

Click on the folder of photos to get uploaded, press "Ctrl" + "A" to choose all images, then press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Step 7

Fill in information about the photos while the images upload to Facebook. Name the album, add a location, choose image quality and choose security levels. Click on "Create Album."

Step 8

View the "Who's in These Photos" box and tag people if desired. Click on each person's face and type his name in the box below the picture to create a tag, or choose "Skip Tagging" in the lower left corner of the box.

Step 9

View the newly created photo album containing multiple photos.

Tips & Warnings

  • To make your photos upload more quickly, use computer photo editing software to reduce the size of the photos. A resolution of 72 dots per inch per photo is sufficient for viewing on a computer monitor.