How Can I View the Internet on My TV?

If you would like to surf the Internet on your television, you have a couple of options. Computer technology and television technology likely will combine soon, so that your computer monitor and television screen are one and the same, but until then, you can use other methods to accomplish this fairly simple task.

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VGA to Video

One way to see the Internet on your television is to connect your television directly to your computer using a VGA to Video converter box. You can purchase this devices online or in electronics or computer stores. It allows you to access your Web browser or watch video or anything else stored in your computer on your living room television set by converting the VGA computer monitor signal to video, according to Plug the VGA connector into the VGA output on your computer (assuming your computer has one), and run either S-video or composite video cables from the converter box to the inputs on your set. Select the appropriate mode using your television controls or remote, so the television displays the signal coming in through the S-Video or composite inputs.

Game Consoles

Video game consoles have come a long way over the past several years, and one feature available on certain systems is the ability to view the Internet on your television and use the console controls as a substitute for your computer keyboard and mouse. If you own a Nintendo Wii console, you can use the Wi-Fi feature on the console to pick up your home Internet service and display the images on your Wii home screen by using the “Internet Channel” application, according to Go to the Wii Shop Channel on your console's home screen, and download the Internet Channel for free. You can then use the Wii remotes to navigate the Web. You can also browse the Web from other gaming consoles. The Sony PlayStation 3 has a built-in browser that can access the Internet. The Xbox 360 console can also provide access to the Web with some modifications.


Leaving still images (such as the ones you often see on the Internet) on the screen for too long may damage some televisions, according to Computers have screen savers to prevent a condition called “burn-in,” which causes a ghost image to appear permanently on the screen. Televisions do not come with screen savers. Displaying the Internet on your television and leaving a still image up for too long can cause burn-in on your TV. Plasma televisions are especially susceptible to this problem.