How Can I Watch Television on My PC?

By Quinten Plummer

With television content now being broadcast in digital format, enjoying television programming on your computer is even easier than ever before--and it's not uncommon for computers and TVs to come equipped with the same types of video ports. With the widespread implementation of digital TV, users are no longer forced to convert analog TV signals into compatible digital signals for computer. This opens up multiple ways to watch TV on your computer.

Step 1

Download and install a copy of a television stream utility, such as anyTV or JLC's Internet TV. Television stream utilities compile Internet television streams broadcast from TV stations around the world. You can find a wealth of free programming, organized into categories--such as sports, news and weather--in the stream utility's GUI.

Step 2

Use a TV tuner to let your computer double as a television set. With the help of a TV tuner card or a USB TV tuner stick, you can receive cable, satellite or antenna signals on your computer. You can use the TV tuner's software or Windows Media Center to view your content and organize it into a program guide.

Step 3

Watch TV shows on Hulu. You can find a large archive of current and past television shows on Hulu's website. New episode are often added a day or two after airing on regular television. According to Hulu's website, it provides video content from close to 190 companies--including TV network powerhouses like Fox, ABC and NBC.

Step 4

Use a streaming television device such as a Slingbox or Sony's LocationFree TV. With a streaming device connected between your TV and router, you can watch--and even control--your television from any computer over the Internet. The packaged software lets you establish a remote connection to your streaming device and plays the video stream on your computer.