How Can You Watch TV on Your Phone?

By Quinten Plummer

Whether you want to stay atop of the latest sports and news broadcasts or you simply want to fill some of the uneventful moments in your day, mobile television can keep you entertained no matter where you are. When it comes to watching TV on your phone, there's more than one way to accomplish this task. Find the method that's best for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Mobile phone with mobile TV application

Step 1

Install a mobile television app--like MobiTV, Joost for iPhone or Pocket Live TV--on your mobile device. Mobile television apps work like mobile cable companies; for a small fee, they compile a program guide of high-quality channels from their network partners and broadcast the content to your phone.

Step 2

Set up your high-speed Internet connection to stream live television programs to your cell phone. Using software like Orb on your computer or hardware like Slingbox with your cable/satellite box, you can view your favorite TV shows on your mobile device--and even switch between channels right from your phone.

Step 3

Watch TV shows from Hulu's website on your cell phone. Using a mobile web browser that supports Flash content--such as Skyfire--you enjoy Hulu's enormous cache of TV shows, movies and documentaries.