How Do I Add a Video to Facebook From My Computer?

By KR Knowlin

Facebook makes it easy to upload and share pictures, websites, video and other media with your friends. You can record a video directly from your webcam, or add a video from your computer's hard drive. Post the video to your profile page to share it with your friends. The video you upload must be smaller than 1,024 MB and less than 20 minutes long. The video must also belong to you.

Step 1

Login to your Facebook account. Click on the "Profile" tab to navigate your profile page.

Step 2

Locate the "Share:" heading of your profile page, then click the "Video" link next to it. The "Share:" heading is located above the "What's On Your Mind?" status text box.

Step 3

Select "Upload a Video" from the pop-up options that appear. Click "Browse" and a file upload dialogue box will open.

Step 4

Locate the video you want to add, then click "Open."

Step 5

Click in the "Say Something About This Video" text box if you want to attach a general comment to the video.

Step 6

Click "Share" to upload the video to Facebook.