How Do I Add an HP Printer Without a Disk?

By Si Kingston

Hewlett-Packard, or HP, is one of the top manufacturers for printers. HP currently has 104 different models of printers available for sale, and all of them come with a start-up disk that installs the necessary drivers and software to operate the printer effectively. But if you have purchased a used HP printer without the installation software, or have misplaced your software CD, then you will need to reinstall the drivers in order to use it.

Step 1

Make sure your printer is plugged into your computer and powered on.

Step 2

Go to the Hewlett-Packard website. (Link is listed in Resources.)

Step 3

Click on the "Support and Drivers" tab in the top portion of the site.

Step 4

Fill in the circle with your mouse next to "Download Drivers & Software."

Step 5

Press the "Automatically Detect" button and HP will try to find the correct drivers for you. If it can't automatically locate the drivers, go to Step 6.

Step 6

Unplug your printer from the computer. Then, on the same page of the HP website, manually enter the name of your printer in the search field. For example, enter "LaserJet 1100." Then press "Go."

Step 7

Select the exact printer model in the list of models for that particular printer name you entered.

Step 8

Choose the software language, and then the operating system the printer will be using.

Step 9

Press the "Download" button next to the correct driver application in the Driver table.

Step 10

Click the "Run" button and follow the installation prompts. Plug in your printer when the installation software prompts you to.