How Do I Add Outlook Express to My Laptop?

By Shane Cooper

Outlook Express is integrated with Internet Explorer and the Windows Operating System. Microsoft does not offer a separate installer application available for download. However, if it has been removed from your system, installing Outlook Express can be done through the Control Panel.

Step 1

Select Run, Settings and Control Panel.

Step 2

In the Control Panel window, locate and double-click the “Add or Remove Programs...” icon.

Step 3

With the Add or Remove Programs window open, select the “Add/Remove Windows Components.” A separate window will be displayed.

Step 4

In the “Components:” section, scroll down until you see “Outlook Express.”

Step 5

Select the check box to the left of the Outlook Express line.

Step 6

Select "Next," which will display the Configuring Components window and a status bar that will present the amount of time left to install.

Step 7

Select the "Finish" button and Outlook Express will be installed and accessible in the Start, Programs menu.