How do I Automatically Fix and Repair Internet Explorer?

By Kefa Olang

Internet Explorer, or IE, may require repairing if you are having display problems, running into constant freezes or having trouble with browser add-ons such as ActiveX Controls. Damaged or missing files, or missing registration information cause many of problems encountered. With a few troubleshooting steps and guidelines, you can repair IE automatically and resume enjoying a pleasant Web browsing experience.

Step 1

Go to the Microsoft Internet Explorer troubleshooting page. Click the "Fix it" button, and then click the "Run now" button from the "Automated Troubleshooting Services page." This launches the troubleshooting wizard. Follow the guided prompts to repair your browser automatically.

Step 2

Click the "Tools" menu on your browser if you want to reset your browser settings. Scroll down the pop-up menu and click "Internet Options" to launch the Internet Options dialog box. Click the "Advanced" tab, and then click the "Reset" button. This launches the "Reset Internet Explorer Settings" dialog box.

Step 3

Click the "Reset" button again. Internet Explorer restores the default browser settings automatically. When the process completes, restart your Web browser.

Step 4

Uninstall your Web browser if you are still having problems. To do so, click the "Start" menu, click the "Control Panel" and then click "Uninstall a Program" to launch the programs window. Select "Internet Explorer" and click "Uninstall." If prompted, type your administrator password and click "OK." Confirm you want to remove IE. When the process completes, restart your computer.

Step 5

Go to the IE 8.0 download page. Click the "Download" button, selecting your operating system. When prompted, click "Run" to launch the installation wizard. Follow the guided prompts to complete the reinstallation. When the process completes, restart your computer.