How Do I Block an Incoming Phone Number on My Telus Cell Phone?

By Joanne Cichetti

Telus offers a number of features and services to help you protect your number from the reach of nuisance callers. Once you identify or track the phone number, you can block it in a couple of ways. You also can take measures to avoid calls from these numbers--or from other unwanted callers--in the future.

Step 1

Block the incoming call internally on your handset. If you have a Telus cell phone made by Samsung, you can save the unwanted number in your phone's address book and assign the "Silent" ringtone to this number by editing the address book settings. This way, you will not be bugged by unwanted calls from this number.

Step 2

Log on to your online Telus account and have the "Call Screen" feature activated for your phone. This feature allows you to make a special "Block List" of all the numbers you want to block.

Step 3

Get your name and contact number crossed out of the Telus directory. Speak directly to a Telus customer service representative to request this service, which will cost you additional $2 per month. The advantage is that you will not be bugged by unwanted callers who track you down using the residential directories.

Step 4

Prevent telemarketers from contacting you on your Telus cell phone by registering your name with the National Do Not Call Registry.