How do I Block Web Page Advertisements?

If your browsing experience feels like it's being dominated by intrusive advertisements, take a few moments to learn how to eliminate them for a more secure, faster loading experience.

HOSTS file

Open the HOSTS file at "C:\system32\drivers\etc\hosts" with a text editor. Paste in the addresses of sites you would like to block in list form and save the file without adding a file extension. The HOSTS file is suitable for blocking advertisements to your PC if you use more than one browser.

Per Browser

Download and install ad-blocking software for your favorite browser. If you have one or two favorites, this can be a simple way to block advertisements without technical expertise. AdBlock Plus for Firefox and Chrome and Simple AdBlock for Internet Explorer are easy to install and are reputable. Opera users have a built-in content blocker, but you can save time by downloading Fanboy's AdBlock List.

Stand-Alone Software

Download third-party software such as AdMuncher. This program handles adblocking automatically without any need for user configuration, thanks to an automatically updated online list. It also kills popups and ads that show up in third-party programs.


Many popular websites get most or all of their revenue from advertisements carried on their site, and blocking these ads could hurt their bottom line. Consider donating or subscribing to websites you support.