How Do I Change My Screensaver?

By Mitchell White

A screensaver is a program that activates after you've been idle on your computer for a certain amount of time. This program lets your monitor rest while it isn't being actively used. It uses less power and has less wear on your monitor. There are different styles of screensavers, which may include shooting stars, text that floats around the screen, and various others. if you don't like the screensaver that your computer is using currently, you can change it to one of the other ones you have available.

Control Panel

Go into your control panel, since this is where screensaver functions are controlled. You can do this by clicking on the "Start" button in the bottom left corner of your screen, and then clicking on the "Control Panel" option that will be about halfway down in the options. This will cause a new window to come up. There will be many different options available here. You'll want to double-click on the one marked "Display," which controls the different functions of your monitor, including the screensaver.

Screensaver Settings

A new window will now come up, showing you the display options. The tab marked "Screen Saver" will allow you to see what your screen saver currently is, and allow you to also change it. At the top of this tab you should see a graphic of a monitor, that will have an animated representation of what your current screensaver looks like. Under that, you'll see a section marked "Screen saver" that has a drop down menu which shows your current screensaver, as well as a button marked "Settings," one marked "Preview" and options for how long you're screensaver will take to activate and whether you wish to password protect it.

Changing the Screensaver

If you click on the drop down menu right under the "Screen saver" text, it will show you a list of options for a new screensaver. the option "Marquee" will make text scroll across your screen, and the option "3D Text" will cause a 3D representation to move around your screen. You can change the text for one of these options by clicking on the "Settings" button after you've selected either one of them. there will be a box marked 'Text" where you can type in whatever you want, and also control options such as how quickly the text moves across your screen. If you click on the "Preview" button once a certain screensaver is selected, the screensaver will automatically activate to show you what it looks like. Move your mouse to deactivate it. When you're done, you can click "Apply" to make your new screensaver active.