How Do I Change the Language in Google Chrome?

By Cooper Temple

First released in 2008, the Chrome Web browser from Google has undergone a number of releases, with each release introducing minor changes to the browser. Similar to other Web browsers, such as Mozilla's Firefox, you can use Chrome's options to customize the browser to suit your particular needs, including changing the display language.

Step 1

Launch the Google Chrome Web browser, click the wrench icon at the top and select "Options." A separate window opens.

Step 2

Click the "Under the Hood" tab and locate the "Web Content" area. Click the "Languages and spell-checker settings" icon, which opens a separate window.

Step 3

Click the language that you want to use with Chrome. Click the "Display Google Chrome in this language" option in the panel to the right of the dialog window. Click the "OK" button on the "Languages and Options" windows to accept the language change.

Step 4

Close Chrome and re-open it to apply the language change.