How Do I Change the SSID in Linksys?

By Justin H. Pot

Whether you live in an apartment complex or a suburban neighborhood, lots of neighbors means lots of wireless networks. Most of the time, lots of wireless networks means lots of networks named "linksys," the default SSID of Linksys routers. If you live in such a neighborhood and want to rename your Linksys router so you can tell it apart from all the others, don't worry: doing so is easy.

Accessing Settings

Before you can change the SSID of your Linksys router, you need to access that router's settings. Happily this isn't too hard: all you need is a computer connected to the router and a web browser. Because we'll be changing the name of your wireless network, it's recommended that you plug into your Linksys router using an ethernet cable before attempting this, but it's not required. Once you're connected to your router, type its IP Address into the address bar of your browser to get to the settings page. The default IP address for a Linksys router is "", so if you've no idea what your router's IP address is, try that first. Entering those numbers and pressing "Enter" should load the router's settings page. If this doesn't work, someone at some point changed the IP address of your router. Contact anyone who helped you set up the router in the past--they might have a better idea of the device's IP address. You can also press and hold the reset button at the back of the router to wipe out custom configurations such as a changed IP address.

Changing the SSID

Once you're at the settings page, changing the SSID is easy. Click the "Wireless" tab, then type the SSID you want your network to have in the "SSID" field. Click "Save Changes" once you've entered then name you want.If you're connected to your Linksys via Wi-Fi, this will disconnect you. To re-connect, you'll have to find your router by its new SSID and connect the way you always have. You'll need to reconnect all your computers and devices, telling them the new name for the network.