How Do I Change the Width of a Column in MS Word 2007?

By Hunter Taylor

MS (Microsoft) Word 2007 contains options for formatting a document. Although the usual formatting for a document is unbroken lines going across the page, the data can be broken into columns. Columnar formatting is useful for documents such as newsletters. MS Word 2007 allows you to not only create columns, but to adjust the width of the columns. The column width can be made wider or narrower to accommodate your needs.

Step 1

Go to the Page Layout tab then click on the drop-down arrow beside the "Columns" option.

Step 2

Click on "More Columns"

Step 3

Change the column width under the "Width and spacing" area on the Columns dialog box. Click the down arrow to narrow the width of the column. Click on the up arrow to make the column wider. Click OK.

Tips & Warnings

  • To make the widths of the columns different, uncheck the "Equal column width" check box. The amount of space between the columns can be adjusted using the Columns dialog box.