How Do I Check the Balance on an AT&T Promotion Card?

By Greyson Ferguson

AT&T promotion cards are prepaid phone cards that you can use anywhere in the world. This allows you to call friends and family while you are traveling without racking up a huge phone bill (for you or for them). However, after a few calls you may wonder how many minutes you lave left in the balance. You can check this out in only a few minutes time and you can even do it from a pay phone.

Step 1

Look on the back of the AT&T promotion card. Listed in the fine print is a phone number you can call to determine your balance. The number is 1-800-364-9292.

Step 2

Dial the number on the back of the card. Select the language you want the balance read in.

Step 3

Punch in the card number you find on the front of the card when prompted. Once you have finished, the available balance on the AT&T promotion card is read out loud.