How Do I Connect a Wireless Laptop to a Wireless Printer?

By Gina Poirier

If you have a laptop, a wireless router and a wireless printer, you can print from anywhere in your home or office without needing cables. You can also print to one printer from multiple computers. Various wireless printers have slightly different setup processes, but generally they follow the same pattern and come equipped with software to guide you. All you need to know is your wireless network's name and password, which is information you should have from setting up your Internet connection.

Step 1

Connect the printer to your wireless router. Different brands of printers require slightly different processes to do this. Some printers can connect to your router through their own programming; simply find the "Setup" option on your printer's screen and provide your wireless network's name and password when prompted. Other brands or models may require that you temporarily connect the printer to the router with an Ethernet cable. If this is the case, the cable should be supplied with the printer.

Step 2

Install the software for your printer on your computer. You can do this with an installation CD that came with the printer or with an Internet download from the manufacturer's website. Follow the prompts that appear on your screen and provide information required such as your wireless network's name and password, if necessary. You may need to temporarily disable firewall settings to complete the setup process.

Step 3

Print a test page once the software installation is complete. You can now print from your laptop to the printer and can disconnect the cord connecting the printer to the router, if necessary. Repeat the software installation process on every computer you want to use with the printer.