How Do I Customize a Picasa Watermark?

By Paul Higgins

Learn how to add custom watermarks to photos by using the Picasa photo management application from Google.

Although Picasa does not support image-file watermarks, such as logos, the photo management application from Google lets you add custom text watermarks to your photos when exporting them either to Google+ Photos or to your hard drive.


Picasa only adds watermarks to exported photos, not to the original image files in your Picasa library.

Export Watermarked Photos to Google+ Photos

Step 1

Launch the program and log in to your Google account. Open the Tools menu and select Options.

Step 2

Open the Google+ Photos tab and tick the check box next to Add a Watermark for All Photo Uploads.


As long as the check box is ticked, Picasa applies the watermark to all photos you export to Google+ Photos. To stop Picasa from applying the watermark, open the Options window again and untick the check box.

Step 3

Enter your custom watermark and click OK.

Enter your custom text watermark in the text field and click OK. Upload your watermarked photos to Google+ Photos by selecting them and clicking the Share on Google+ button.

Export Watermarked Photos to Your Hard Drive

Step 1

Select photos and click the Export button.

Select the photos you want to export to your hard drive from the library and click the Export button.

Step 2

Enter your text watermark and click Export.

Tick the check box next to Add Watermark and enter your custom text watermark in the text field. Click the Export button to export the images to your hard drive.