How do I Develop Mobile Apps for Beginners?

By Kara Page

Applications for mobile phones are only increasing in popularity as the features that come with smartphones continue to improve. If you are interested in becoming an app developer for a platform like iPhone, BlackBerry or Droid, it's best that you own and are familiar with that particular product.Developing any sort of application requires expertise in coding and programming, along with a solid knowledge of the operating system of the smartphone you are creating the app for, so if you are a beginner in this field there will be a lot of research involved in the process.

Step 1

Write a description of your app, along with a list of features, that you have in mind. Don't be afraid to let yourself be creative and brainstorm as much as possible. Decide what category your app will fall under; i.e., games, utilities, health or maybe education.

Step 2

Find existing apps similar to the app you are designing and download them to your mobile. Most mobile platforms have thousands of apps already, so your app already has competition even before it's been created. Take notes on ways to improve existing apps and new features to add to your own.

Step 3

Register with your platform to become a developer. Apple, Droid and BlackBerry (among others) have Development Centers for you to register, which normally involve a fee. These centers also come with manuals that walk you through that platform's specific mobile app development process.

Step 4

Research specific information on your mobile's operating system with books like The Business of iPhone App Development, Blackberry Development Fundamentals and Professional Android Application Development.

Step 5

Login to your Development Center to begin developing your application. Test the app frequently on your own mobile phone to check for typos, inconsistencies and bugs. Submit the app to your platform through the Development Center when you feel it is ready.

Tips & Warnings

  • Set up a website with support and contact information specifically for your app. You will stand a much better chance of recruiting and retaining customers if you are readily available as a developer to address any concerns and problems they might experience.
  • Avoid pricing your app low simply because you think you'll sell more. High quality apps with a worthy price stand a better chance at generating a decent income for the developer.