How Do I Exit From the Header in Office 2007 Windows Vista?

By Gregory Hamel

Microsoft Office 2007 is a software package installed on many new Windows based PCs that run Windows Vista. One of the most commonly used programs in MS Office is the word processor called MS Word. In Word 2007, users can add headers and footers to documents in order to display important information that is separate from the main text, such as page numbers, footnotes or the author's name. When you are editing the header, the rest of the document will be grayed out, and you will not be able to edit it until you exit the header.

Step 1

Look at the top of your Word program window and locate the text "Header and Footer Tools."

Step 2

Under "Header and Footer Tools," click "Design." The "Design button will be immediately below the words "Header and Footer Tools."

Step 3

Click the red "X" on the far right side of the Design menu that says "Close Header and Footer," under it.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also exit the header by double clicking anywhere in the body of your document.
  • You can open the header back up for editing by double clicking on it, or right clicking on it and selecting "Edit Header."