How Do I Export My Favorites From Maxthon?

By Paul Betters

Saving a website to My Favorites is a great way of keeping track of a site. In the Maxthon browser, all you have to do is open up My Favorites, and all your saved websites are listed right there. But what if you want to use another Web browser, or use another computer? In Maxthon, there is an easy way to transfer your favorites. So no matter what browser you're using, you won't forget your favorite spots online.

Step 1

Open your Maxthon browser.

Step 2

Click the Menu button. This will open a drop-down list. The Menu button is in the top left-hand corner of the Maxthon window, and looks like a blue smiley face.

Step 3

Click Import/Export User Data. This will open the Import/Export User Data window.

Step 4

Click Export Favorites. This will open the Export Favorites window.

Step 5

Click Export to IE favorites folder. This will automatically transfer your favorites to Internet Explorer.

Step 6

Click Export your favorites to selected folder. This will open the Browse for Folder window. Select the folder that you would like to export your favorites to. Click OK.

Step 7

Click Export to HTML file. This will open the Save As window. Select a folder to save your favorites to. Click Save. This will create a HTML file with all your Maxthon favorites.