How do I Find a Song Using Only a Portion of the Lyrics?

By Cynthia Measom

Perhaps you heard a song on the radio that you liked, but you don't know the name. Or, maybe you need to locate a song with certain lyrics for a presentation. Even if you only know a portion of the lyrics of a song, you can find out the title and artist with a bit of online research. With just a few words, you can discover the answer to your dilemma.

Step 1

Navigate to Yahoo Music or Song

Step 2

Enter a portion of the lyrics from the song in question into the designated search box.

Step 3

Click "Go" or "Search" to receive results.

Step 4

View the results. You may receive as few as one result, or you may receive a list of results to sort through to find the song.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also type in the portion of lyrics, enclosed within quotation marks, into a search engine such as Google, but the results you receive won't be as targeted as when you go directly to music lyric search site.
  • If you use lyrics or a song within a presentation, make sure to give credit to the artist and the producer to avoid violating U.S. copyright laws.