How Do I Get Internet Explorer on My Computer?

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Though many newer browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari have grown in popularity, some users still choose to browse online using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. This browser was first developed in 1995 by the Microsoft Corporation with features that made surfing the Internet a more enjoyable and efficient experience. You can easily download the program for free from Microsoft's website.


Examine Your Computer Specs

In order to download Internet Explorer on your computer, you must first ensure that you have enough memory and disc space available to accommodate the new program. You need a minimum of 64 to 512 MB of memory and 70 to 200 MB of available disc space depending on your operating system.


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These instructions are for a PC. Go to your control panel and click "System." Your computer's memory will be displayed on the "General" tab. Next, right-click your drive (usually the C: drive, located under "My Computer" on your desktop or start menu) and select "Properties" on the drop-down list. Look at the row that displays "Free Space" to ensure that you have the minimum amount of available disc space required. If you have another browser on your computer that you don't plan to use, uninstall that for more room along with other programs that you don't use.


Download Explorer from

Visit Click the option for "Downloads and Trials" on the top menu and then choose "Internet Explorer" (the version number updates whenever there is a new release). Click "Download Now" and then save the Internet Explorer setup file to your computer. Find the file and click "Run" to start the installation process. This will take you about 10 minutes if you have a broadband (cable or DSL) Internet connection.


Do a Test Run

Once the program has been installed to your computer, go to your desktop and click the new icon that is displayed for Internet Explorer. The initial welcome screen should pop up. Answer the questions that are asked by the Welcome Wizard to customize your browsing experience.