How Do I Get My Macbook to Stop Talking to Me?

By Shannon Cotton

If you’ve ever been startled by the sudden sound of your MacBook talking, you have probably turned on the VoiceOver feature. VoiceOver speaks descriptions of items on your screen, and because entering a keyboard shortcut can activate it, you might occasionally turn it on by accident. VoiceOver is convenient for MacBook users with impaired vision, but if you do not need it, you will likely want it turned off. You can quickly deactivate the feature in your System Preferences settings.

Step 1

Click “System Preferences” on the dock.

Step 2

Click “Universal Access.”

Step 3

Select “Off” under “VoiceOver” to turn the VoiceOver feature off.

Step 4

Close the Universal Access menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you find that the VoiceOver feature is turned off and you still hear a voice, check the Speakable Items feature. Click “System Preferences” on your dock, click “Speech” and make sure “Speakable Items” is turned off.
  • The keyboard shortcut to turn VoiceOver on or off is “Command”+“fn”+“F5.”