How Do I Get My Mouse Pointer Out of the Virtual PC Window?

By Ryan K Oylear

Virtualization is a very handy thing. It allows users to run a computer within their computer at nearly full speed in most cases. These computers are not limited to the same type of computer as the host either. A PC can run a Mac, and a Mac can run a PC. Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 is their contender for virtualization.

Freeing your mouse

Step 1

Press the "right Alt" key. This is the standard way to release the mouse cursor from the window in Virtual PC 2007.

Step 2

Press "Ctrl Alt Delete" to bring up the "Windows Security" panel. this will break the mouse out of the Virtual PC 2007 window as well.

Step 3

Press "Control Option Left Arrow" or "Command Period" to release the mouse from the Virtual PC window on a Macintosh computer.