How Do I Get My Wireless Password?

By LizaK

Your wireless password, otherwise known as your network key, is the password or key you type in when you connect to wireless Internet. Whenever you connect to the Internet, you will be prompted to enter the password. When others connect to your Internet, they'll also need the password. The key might have been chosen by you, but it was set by the Internet service provider when your network was installed. If your ISP assigned you a password for your wireless network, they can help you retrieve it if you forget it or want to change it.

Step 1

Contact your Internet service provider by telephone, or by email if you can get online elsewhere.

Step 2

Give the Internet service provider your name, phone number and email address, and explain that you need your password or network key to connect to the Internet.

Step 3

Answer any questions the Internet service provider might have so you can prove your identity and show that the network connection belongs to you. (Such questions relate to personal information you provided when setting up service.)

Step 4

Once your identity has been verified, the ISP will either email or tell you the password, depending on the service provider's policy and the type of service. The ISP might also direct you to a place on its website where you can personally reset your password. The ISP must be the one to change your password, provide you with a password, or tell you where to go to change the password.