How Do I Get the URL Bar Back?

For many of us, the Internet is a lifeline we use to communicate with friends and work, do research, purchase things we need and learn about current events. So, problems with an Internet browser can be frustrating. A common problem with web browsers is the URL bar disappearing, so you can't enter a web address. Here's how to get your URL bar back in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari--so you can continue surfing the web.

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Turn the URL Bar Back On

Occasionally, when searching for other menu items, you'll accidentally turn the URL bar off. To turn the bar back on:

In Internet Explorer, select "Toolbars" from the View menu, then select "Address Bar."

In Firefox, select "Toolbars" from the View menu, then select "Navigation Bar."

In Safari, select "Show Toolbar" from the View menu.

In most browsers, a check box appears in the menu when the URL address bar is displayed.

Move Toolbars Around

Many browsers display multiple toolbars all at once, such as a toolbar for Google search, a URL bar, a bookmarks bar, a history bar, or a custom toolbar for your favorite application. At times, the URL bar can be hidden under these other toolbars. Try closing or moving your various toolbars to the side to see if the URL bar is hiding under another toolbar.

In FIrefox, Customize the Toolbar

If you are using the Firefox browser and can see your URL bar checked as "on," but Firefox is not displaying it, try to customize your toolbar to get the URL bar to reappear. To customize your toolbar, select "View" from the Toolbars menu, then select "Customize Toolbars." Try dragging the URL bar from the Customize Toolbar window to where you want in your browser. At this point, the URL bar should reappear in Firefox.

In Internet Explorer, Fix the Registry

In Microsoft Windows, the Registry, a listing of files that helps Windows run properly, can become corrupted. In this case, your URL bar may disappear from your Internet Explorer browser. To fix this problem, you'll need to edit the registry. Go to the Microsoft Support site. Scroll down the page to the "Fix it for me" section. By clicking a link, Microsoft will download a program to your machine. Run this program to automatically fix your Registry problems for you and restore your URL bar in Internet Explorer.