How Do I Import a Book Into Kindle?

By Ethan Pendleton

Amazon's Kindle e-reader is a device that allows you to read digital books wherever you go. Before you can sit back and read, however, you have to import books to your Kindle device. Amazon designed the Kindle to offer both wired and wireless ways to transfer files to your e-reader. Whichever method you choose, you'll be enjoying your e-books in no time.

Step 1

Download to your computer the books you would like to import into your Amazon Kindle e-reader. You can purchase books from Amazon and download the file to your desktop. Many websites also allow you to download books in a wide range of files. Websites such as Project Gutenberg offer free downloads of classic and public domain books.

Step 2

Transfer the electronic file using your Kindle's 3G capability. If you recently purchased a book from Amazon's Kindle Store, it may be possible for you to simply instruct your Kindle to import the content. Verify that your Kindle is connected to Whispernet, Amazon's 3G service, by checking for the reception bars on the top left of your Kindle's screen. Then press the "Menu" button, and find and select the "Sync & Check for Items" option.

Step 3

Plug the USB cable that came with your Kindle into your e-reader and your computer's USB drive. In general, Windows users will find that the Kindle has become a new drive on the computer in the same manner as when they plug in a USB memory stick. In a way, your Kindle operates on the same principle, as it stores electronic files and allows you to take them with you.

Step 4

Open Windows Explorer or whichever file management system is installed in your computer. Select the drive used by your Kindle to open the folder in which your e-books reside.

Step 5

Initialize another window, and follow your file management system to open the folder in which you store all of your electronic book files.

Step 6

Drag and drop the file icons from the download folder to your Kindle's folder. The file or files you wanted to import to your Kindle should appear in the Kindle folder.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your Kindle will only be able to open files if they aren't locked by digital rights management software -- DSM -- and if they are in the correct folder
  • The Kindle is designed to recognize a range of file types, including .AZW, .TXT, .MOBI, .PDF, .DOC and more.