How do I Install Charter Digital Cable?

You can install your Charter cable box receiver yourself. Before performing this installation, however, you have to contact Charter customer support to set up an appointment to have a technician come over to install the main cable wires for you.



The precise method used to connect your Charter cable box to a TV set depends upon three basic factors. These factors include the type of TV the cable box is being connected to (a standard definition, high definition, or a television with Picture-In-Picture capabilities); the type of video and audio cables you use to perform your connections; and whether or not you want to integrate other components (such as a DVD recorder or AV receiver) into the setup.


The type of cables used to hook up a Charter cable box varies depending upon the signal output options available on your Charter cable box, and the signal input options available on the TV set and any other component you plan to integrate into the setup. The output port on the device sending a signal has to correspond to the input port on the device receiving the signal in order for you to use the supporting cable. These supporting cables may include composite (A/V) cables, component video cables, coaxial cables, S-video cables, DVI cables or HDMI cables.

Connecting Directly to TV

Output from the cable box goes directly to the corresponding input on the TV set. If the TV has PIP, use another cable(s) to connect another one of the cable box’s output options to the corresponding input on the TV set.

Integrating Another Component

Output from the cable box goes to the corresponding input of the secondary device (such as a DVD recorder). Output from the secondary device goes to the corresponding input on the TV set.