How Do I Jailbreak My Iphone?

By Marshal M. Rosenthal

There are many things that a jailbreaked iPhonethat can do, which a regular iPhone can not. This includes shooting video and running applications that are not approved by Apple, including many that were created by a community of people who give them away for free. The process of jailbreaking an iPhone has been simplified, so now anyone can do it using a Mac or a PC. The iPhone is not damaged in any way and it can be easily restored to its original state if desired.

Download the Jailbreak Software

Go to ZiPhone and pay for the latest version of the jailbreak software (see link in Resources). Download the software to the desktop of the computer.

Run the Jailbreak Software

Run iTunes. Double click on the Jailbreak software to activate it. Plug in one end of the USB connector to the iPhone and plug in the other end of the USB connector to a USB port on the computer.

Finish Jailbreaking the iPhone

Wait until the icon of the iPhone appears in the left side of the iTunes software. Then click on the "Jailbreak iPhone" button on the Jailbreak software. Wait a few minutes until the iPhone home screen resets itself and displays the icon. Disconnect the iPhone from the USB connector. Quit iTunes and quit the Jailbreak software.