How Do I Know If My Email Account Is Open in Another Computer?

By Jonah Quant

Webmail accounts provide storage for the emails in your inbox and whichever email folders you created, plus the service that allows you to access the email account from any Web browser -- that is, without the need for installing any email client software on the computer you are using. Google Mail is a webmail provider that provides a useful security feature. You can see a list of the Internet Protocol addresses of computers currently logged in to your email account. That allows you to know if anybody is accessing your email without authorization.

Step 1

Find out the current IP address of your computer by clicking "Start," then entering "run" on the search box and pressing "Enter." Click on "Run," then enter "cmd" into the text field on the Run window and press "Enter." Click on the newly opened Command window, then type "ipconfig /all" and press "Enter." Your current IP address is listed next to the "IPv4 Address:" heading.

Step 2

Launch a Web browser, then navigate to "" Enter your user name and password, then press "Enter" to log in. Google Mail will display the main page that lists the contents of your inbox.

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of the main page, and then click on "Details." A new Web browser window (or tab, depending on the configuration) titled "Activity on this account" will come up.

Step 4

Search the "Recent activity" table for entries that begin with an asterisk on the "Location (IP address)" field. You will find one corresponding to the session you are on, and it will have the IP address found in Step 1. If there are any other entries with an asterisk and a different IP address, then someone is accessing your account from another computer. Click on "Sign out all other sessions" to log out the other sessions if appropriate.

Tips & Warnings

  • Despite other webmail providers having announced a comparable feature, Google Mail is the only service that provides it at the present time.

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