How Do I Program My Bluetooth Headset to My Phone?

By Ann Mapleridge

Bluetooth allows your mobile phone to be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled headset without using wires. Once connected, the Bluetooth headset can be used to make and receive calls on your mobile phone while keeping your hands free for other activities such as working or driving. Programming a Bluetooth headset to work with your cell phone is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Make sure your Bluetooth headset is in the discovery mode by pressing and holding down the power button on the back of the headset for eight seconds, after which the power light will remain on. Place it near your mobile phone.

Step 2

Go into the settings menu of your phone and select "Bluetooth" from the available options.

Step 3

Select "Add a new device" from the Bluetooth menu to have the phone search for your headset.

Step 4

Select your headset from the list of devices that appear. Your phone will list all of the Bluetooth-enabled devices powered on near it.

Step 5

Enter the pairing code for your headset into your mobile phone when prompted. The pairing code is a series of letters and/or numbers that will be printed on a sticker attached to the back of the headset. In many cases, the default password for headsets is 0000.