How Do I Register My Website With Yahoo?

By Eric Som

Adding your website address to Yahoo! Search allows Internet users to find your site. Most search engines, including Yahoo! Search, allow website owners to submit their website's Uniform Resource Locator to their systems free of charge. When you submit your site's URL, it is automatically added to the Yahoo! Search index, which is used in providing results to search engine queries. If you make changes to your website, you do not need to re-submit your website, as Yahoo! Search regularly updates submitted URLs.

Step 1

Visit the Yahoo! Search Submit Your Site page at

Step 2

Click on the "Submit Your Site for Free" link and then choose the "Submit a Website or Webpage" option.

Step 3

Type the full URL of your website address in the box and then click on the "Submit URL" button. You have successfully registered your website with Yahoo! Search.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before selecting the "Submit URL" button, make sure that your website address includes the "http://" prefix.