How do I Reinstall an Expired Trial?

By Stephen Lilley

Certain programs allow you to use fully functional "trial" versions for free for a determined period of time. After this period, you can no longer use the program unless you pay for it. But you can uninstall the program from your computer and then reinstall the trial. There is no law saying you cannot do this, but it won't work on every trial program. Certain programs make permanent changes to your registry, meaning you can't reuse a trial after it's expired.

Step 1

Click "Start."

Step 2

Click "Control Panel."

Step 3

Click "Programs and Features."

Step 4

Click on the name of the expired trial program. Click the "Uninstall" button. This will remove all system files relating to that trial program from your computer.

Step 5

Open your web browser and visit the website where you originally downloaded the trial version of the program. Click "Download" to download the installation file for the trial once again. Double-click on the file and click "Next" to reinstall the trial version of the program.