How Do I Reload a Smart Prepaid Card?

As a Smart Prepaid Electric customer, your home electricity services are charged to a prepaid card. In order to continue your service, you have to keep your card's balance loaded. You can reload your card over the phone or at participating retailers.

Activating Service

Before you can begin loading your card, you need an active account. Start by buying a card at a participating retailer -- Smart Prepaid Electric's Smart Card FAQ includes a list of ZIP codes where service is supported.

After you buy the card, call Smart Prepaid Electric customer service at 1-877-773-8099 or visit the online enrollment page and fill in the necessary information.

Reloading Your Card

After your service is active, you can start loading the card with money to increase its balance. To reload over the phone, call the customer service number -- 1-877-773-8099. To reload with cash, go to a participating retailer in one of the listed ZIP codes. If you're outside the listed ZIP codes, any Ace Cash Express or MoneyGram location can process your payment.

When paying at Ace Cash Express or Moneygram, be sure to have your Smart Prepaid Electric account number on hand to use as a reference number for the payment.