How Do I Rotate a Video in Media Player?

There is no way to rotate a video just with Windows media player alone. Windows media player is just that, a player that plays finished music and videos. Media player also can rip or burn music from the desktop and to a blank CD or vice versa. Finally, a media player can sync music and video with an MP3 player. One can use Window Movie Maker to rotate a video in edit and then later play in the Media Player. Here are some simple steps to do so.

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Using Movie Maker

Open your latest Windows Movie Maker software. For this article, we are using the Windows Vista Home Premium software of the Windows Movie Maker 6.0. Import the desired video by clicking "video" on the left side menu under "import." Thumbnails of the chosen video will appear in the middle of your screen. Click and drag the thumbnail into the time-line. Right click on the video and chose the "effect" option. Various thumbnails of the effects will appear in the middle of your screen. Pick "Rotate 90"to have your video rotate to the right. Click the "Rotate 270" option to have your video rotate to the left. Double-check your work before saving by playing the newly edited video in the time-line. Name and save the file as an AVI. This option will appear after hitting the "This Computer" button on the left side bar menu under "Publish." The movie will process and publish then will give you the option of playing in Media Player when finished, check that box and play. Windows Media Player will open automatically and play your rotated video with the chosen effects. You can chose other file-saving options through the Save Movie Wizard tutorial.