How do I Set Up a Samsung Remote?

By Sarah Silverman

Getting a new remote for your Samsung TV won't have any benefit if you do not know how to use it. But setting up your Samsung remote is easy and you can program the remote on your own. The entire process will only take you a few clicks of a button and you'll soon be able to start surfing through channels.

Things You'll Need

  • Straightened paperclip

Step 1

Turn off all of your devices: TV, DVD and VCR players and any other connected equipment. Turn off your cable box and all other items for which you will program your remote.

Step 2

Press the "Mode" button on your Samsung remote. Keep pressing the button until you reach the device that you want to set your remote to use. A Samsung universal remote will have an option for DVD, VCR, set-top-box and cable box. The remote may also have a separate button labeled for your DVD, cable and VCR instead of the "Mode" button. Use the "STB" or standby button if you are setting up the remote on a satellite box. The "Mode" and "STB" buttons are at the top of your remote.

Step 3

Press the "Set" button to continue the programming. For some remotes, you may see a small hole instead of the "Set" button. Get a straightened paperclip and use this to push the button inside the hole. The "Set" button or hole is normally located under the sliding cover of your remote's lower section.

Step 4

Enter the three-digit cable box, satellite box, DVD, VCR or set-top box code found in the user manual of the devices. Search the product number online if you do not have the user manual.

Step 5

Check and test to see if your remote is working well. Press the "Power" button of your Samsung remote and turn on your TV or video player to start using the remote.