How do I Switch a Verizon Phone Over to a Net 10 Phone?

By LaoA

Verizon cell phone owners who want to save money may want to consider a Net 10 prepaid phone. Net 10 offers its prepaid cell phone customers the ability to make wireless calls for a single rate of 10 cents for every 60 seconds of call time. If you know how to enter the correct numbers and buttons on your phone, you can switch your Verizon phone over to a Net 10 phone.

Step 1

Charge your Net 10 phone. You must completely charge the phone before you can use it.

Step 2

Turn your cell phone on by pushing the "End" button on your phone. This button contains a small red phone icon and is across from a green button.

Step 3

Enter *22888 on your phone and press the "Send" function. This leads you to a menu where you can enter your area code and determine which prepaid program works best for your situation. Pay close attention to the various plan options because each one contains different choices. When you select your plan, you have the option to transfer your existing phone number or simply get a new phone number. Once you place your first outbound call, the provider will request that you select your language of choice.