How do I Transfer Contacts From a Casio G'zOne?

By Ben David

The Casio GzOne Brigade is a feature-rich cellular device that is designed to run on the Verizon Wireless network. The GzOne has a number of features like a 3.2 megapixel camera/camcorder with flash and a QWERTY keyboard. The device also has the ability to make transferring data and information, via memory card, to and from a personal computer fairly easy. For instance, the process of transferring contact information from the Casio GzOne is a simple one.

Things You'll Need

  • Memory card
  • Memory card reader with USB connector

Step 1

Insert the appropriate memory card into the Casio GzOne device. Memory cards may vary in capacity size. Contacts files are extremely small and don't take up much space on a memory card, therefore any card of 2 MB or more should be sufficient.

Step 2

Press the Center Select Key "Menu"," then select "Settings & Tools," then press the Center Select Key "OK." Then press "Card Memory."

Step 3

Select "My Contacts/Move All to Card," then press the Center Select Key "OK."

Step 4

Press the Right Soft Key "Options."

Step 5

Select "Move," then press Center Select Key "OK."

Step 6

Select a contact(s) then press the Right Soft Key "MARK All," then press Left Soft Key "Done." Then select "Yes," then press the Center Select Key "OK."

Step 7

Connect card reader with USB connector to your computer.

Step 8

Insert the memory card into the card reader.

Step 9

Drag-and-drop and save the contacts information from the memory card to an empty folder wherever you desire.