How Do I Turn on My Blackberry?

By Michaele Curtis

BlackBerry phones are one the most popular type of smartphones on the market. Known for their productivity features, BlackBerry phone are also fairly easy use for consumers that have a little experience with electronics. However, the first time you take your BlackBerry phone out of the retail box to power up, it can be difficult to turn it on and get it working. Installing the SIM card, the battery and the finding the power button are all required to start using your BlackBerry.

Things You'll Need

  • BlackBerry phone
  • SIM card (if applicable)
  • BlackBerry battery

Step 1

Turn your BlackBerry over and remove the back panel. Remove the BlackBerry battery, if present. Slide the SIM card holder to the unlock position and lift the latch. Insert the SIM card with the gold contacts facing down and the notched end aligned with the outline. Close the latch and slide the SIM card holder to the locked position.

Step 2

Install the BlackBerry battery that came with your BlackBerry phone. Remove the BlackBerry battery from its plastic package. Position it so that the electrical contacts are facing the contacts in the base of the BlackBerry's battery compartment. Insert the battery, making sure the end fitted with the electrical contacts is inserted first. Replace the back cover.

Step 3

Press the red "End Call" button to turn on your BlackBerry phone. Wait for the spinning hour glass on the screen to signal that the BlackBerry phone is done booting up. After the first time you boot up your BlackBerry phone, you will hold the red "End Call" button to turn the phone on and off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Code division multiple access (CDMA) mobile phone providers, including Verizon, Sprint and Cricket don’t use SIM cards to identify the phone to the network. You can skip Step 1 if you use a CDMA carrier.
  • With the number of BlackBerry phone models on the market, it’s difficult to give instructions that will apply to everyone's phone. Consult your user manual or your mobile service provider if you have more specific questions about your particular BlackBerry phone model.