How do I Unlock My Cell Without the Code?

When you purchase a cell phone, they sometimes are delivered to you in a locked state. The company does this for several reasons that are advantageous to it. There are now several ways that some cell phones can be unlocked with little difficulty.

Unlocking a locked cell phone is not as difficult as you may think.

Before You Begin

You will need to know your cell phone number, cell phone model number, the manufacturer and IMEI number. Pressing *#06# will obtain this number.


Manufacturers now sell equipment that you can use to unlock your cell phone. The price on this type of equipment varies. There is also software that can be downloaded for obtaining codes to unlock some cell phones.

Technical Support

Technical support from your service provider is another option in unlocking your cell phone. This will take some time, however. There may also be a fee and certain stipulations regarding your service that are mandatory to adhere to.

Using a Service Company

The quickest and easiest way to unlock your cell phone is by using a company. It will require some information and send you the unlock code via e-mail. Companies do charge a fee for this service. Be sure that the company you use is reputable.

Manufacturer Assistance

You may have the choice to send the phone back to the company and have it unlock your cell phone. Companies do charge for this service, and your phone will need reprogramming afterward.