How Do I Update My Garmin GPS?

A global positioning satellite (GPS) system is a useful tool when you find yourself in a new area. It displays such helpful information as roads, highways and exits. Using a GPS system is also more efficient than looking at a map; you keep your hands securely on the wheel and need only glance briefly at the device to check your direction. One GPS system manufacturer is Garmin, which offers periodic map updates for your system. Keep updated to make sure you have the most current information.

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Upgrading Via CD

Garmin offers a CD that contains the map updates for 2009. You can purchase it where you purchased your Garmin GPS system or online. The update costs $65, according to GPS Magazine.

Load the CD onto your computer. Connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer using a standard USB cable (one comes with your Garmin GPS, but any USB cable will do).

After the CD loads, follow the wizard to update your Garmin GPS device. At one step, you will have to enter the product key that came with the CD; write it down for future reference. Do not unplug your GPS device or remove the CD while the wizard completes the process.

When the process is finished, make sure the update installed properly. Open "Map Info" on your Garmin GPS device. The listing should read "City Navigator North America NT 2009".

Updating Over the Internet

You can also update your GPS device over the Internet. Visit Click on the "Support" tab located in the top menu next to the "Maps" option (as of 2010). Type the name of your Garmin GPS system into the "Search by Device" field, which will open available updates for your system. Follow the instructions to download.