How do I View Blocked Websites?

By Larry Amon

There are several reasons that a website might not show up when you try to view it. The issue could be a technical problem or the site may be blocked by an administrator for various reasons. There are some ways you may be able to view the blocked sites but before you undertake such an endeavor, you need to know why the sites are being blocked. Otherwise you could be creating a serious problem.

Purpose of Blocking

Often the purpose of blocking websites is because the content of the site is objectionable due to explicit material. Other times sites may be blocked for security reasons because viruses and spyware are part of the site and may infect visitor's computers. Sometimes, a business or organization will block websites that they feel are irrelevant to the work being done or could lead to wasted time from employees.

Verify Blocking

You need to make sure the site is actually being blocked before you try getting around the block. A website or computer error could be causing the problem. Restart the computer and try the website again. Additionally try again at a later time because the website may be experiencing problems. Try a different browser as well, because some browsers may have trouble viewing certain pages.

Alternate Viewing

If you can't view the blocked website and you know it is being blocked, the best thing to do may be to wait until you get home, if you are at work or a public place and the site is being blocked. Your home Internet should not be blocking any sites unless you set up software to block the sites, or your router is somehow set up to block certain sites.

Administrator Help

If a website at work is being blocked and you have a legitimate need to go to the site, talk to the network system administrator or your local computer technician. They should be able to open up the site for you or give you more information about how to resolve the problem.