How do I Wire 9-Pin Rs232 to USB?

By Greyson Ferguson

Before USB, serial connection ports served as the go-to method for hooking up equipment to a computer system. There are many different sizes of serial connections, with the 9-pin RS232 as one of the most popular. This cable hookup allows you to send data directly between printers, scanners and other hardware and the computer. If you are running an older computer system (Windows 2000 or earlier, typically) you probably have a 9-pin serial connection, without any USB ports. In order to sync up a USB device to the computer, you must convert the 9-pin RS232 cable connection to USB.

Things You'll Need

  • Serial-to-USB adapter
  • Driver installation CD

Step 1

Plug the serial end of the adapter into the 9-pin serial connection on the computer system.

Step 2

Hand-tighten the screws on each side of the serial connector to secure the adapter into place.

Step 3

Plug the USB data cable into the USB end of the adapter.

Step 4

Insert the driver installation CD into the disc drive of the computer. Double-click "My Computer," then select the "CD" icon and choose the "Setup" option. This loads the driver installation wizard.

Step 5

Accept the end-user agreement, then follow the on-screen prompts to install the driver onto the computer.

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