How Do Wireless Routers Work?


Wireless routers are hardware devices that are used to connect a computer to a network without the hassle of running cables from computer to the router. They allow the user to easily share an Internet connection with various computers without paying Internet fees for every single user. This way, the users can conveniently connect to the net as long as they are in range of the router.

The Network Connection

Wireless routers work by plugging the base into the Internet connection, offering the computer an easy access to the World Wide Web. These routers permit the users to perform the work on the net without any need to be connected with cable wire. They also allow for the wired connections, when needed. The total amount of ports on the router helps in determining the number of computers that can be run from that particular router to have access to the broadband connection. Routers are the junction boxes which join together the single network. The modem is specially built into wireless router connecting the computers using the wired cables or even without the wires. The router is then connected to broadband modem and later it is properly connected to the computer. There are different varieties of wireless routers in the market these days.

Network Speed

The speed of data transmission is crucial factor and needs to be high. Users who wish to have the router should even find it convenient to install it. The range of OS support of the wireless router also requires being highly versatile. Wireless routers working great with Mac, Linux and Windows should be considered to be the best choice. There are two different kinds of wireless routers available in the markets that are designed for specific uses. The very first kind allows the user to connect their computers within the single household till the time the computers are easily in range of that router. This kind of a wireless router allows the user to access net remotely. On the other hand, the second kind of wireless router is specially created for the office application thereby covering a vast region. While the wired routers cost a bit less as compared to the wireless ones, the wireless connection is easy and becoming all the more reliable.

Other Router Features

The wireless router features a modem, port switch, wireless accessing point and firewall. It makes the broadband conveniently sharable with others in the office or home. While installing the wireless router, it is imperative to be careful while seeing if the socket on router is perfect to connect to port on wall. Improper or lose connections may result in temporary loss of the Internet access. Just like the wireless mobile phones, the wireless routers hooked up to the DSL or cable uses the radio frequency waves rather than the telephone lines for transmitting and receiving the network signals. This permits the data transmission from one spot to another and the date from computer is then translated into radio signals and accordingly transmitted. Routers can even receive details from Internet, get it translated into radio signal and ultimately sends it to a computer.