How Do You Download Music?

By Christian Mullen

There are many ways to download music online from MP3 blogs to software that will allow you to search and download songs from your favorite artists. There are millions of songs available through these services, so finding that perfect song to get your day going is simply a click away. By searching the Internet and music service databases, you can find even the most obscure song from your past.

Searching For Music

Create a list of music you wish to download. It may be difficult to find free songs for download, so consider subscription services like Napster and Rhapsody, which charge you a fee to download a certain number of songs every month. Compared to websites like iTunes, this may save you some money.Search blogs that contain downloadable MP3s. Many of the blog websites that contain free MP3s are organized by genre, so use a blog aggregator such as The Hype-Machine to help you find the artists for which you are looking. You can usually just click the song you find and your computer will download it to the folder you wish to keep in it.Use the search feature in the music programs you have such as iTunes, eMusic or Napster interface. This is an easy way to find the artist and title of the song you are looking for quickly. You can then purchase the song and add it to your library. Each of these programs has parameters that can be used to narrow your search to avoid weeding through multiple non-relevant results.

Music Software

Download the iTunes software from This will allow you to search and purchase music of all genres, as this is the most popular service available for downloading music. It will also help you organize music that you have already purchased or have added to your computer from your personal collection of CDs. Search for an artist and song and click "Get Song" to start the downloading process.Download the free Rhapsody software to download and listen to songs with this subscription service. For a low monthly fee, you can listen to as many songs as you want, and you can buy songs individually, as well as a complete album for a discounted price. This software can also organize the songs you have purchased, as well as any that are on your computer.