How Does One Transfer Photos From Phone to Memory Card?

With the evolution of cell phones, most people are taking advantage of the all-in-one capabilities at their fingertips, including music, navigation and especially the cameras. With the advent of the camera phone, users are replacing their actual cameras with something they carry all the time: their cell phone. Picture quality from a camera phone is equivalent to a standard digital camera; some with up to five (rumors of 10 on the way) megapixel quality. Use your cell phone for your quality moments? Chances are, you are also interested in how you can transfer those pictures on a more dependable media.


Transferring of Photos

In order to keep your images from being accidentally erased, or worse, lost with the entire phone, it makes sense to want to transfer the photos from your phone to a safer medium, such as a memory card or USB jump drive. The procedure for both is the same, and easy to do.

First, your phone should have come with a cord from the manufacturer that allows you to hook it up to your computer. If you purchased your phone from someone other than the manufacturer, such as eBay or elsewhere, and you did not receive a cord, you will have to purchase one to transfer anything from your phone to the computer.

Once you have located the cord, connect one end to the phone and the other end to the computer. Click the "Start" button on the lower, left-hand side of your screen, and scroll to "My Computer". Once you click "My Computer," locate the drive that the phone is connected through. Click on the connection to view the contents of the phone.

At this point, you will either want to insert your memory card or jump drive into the computer as well. If your computer does not allow for more than one connection at one time, simply drag the images to your desktop; safely disconnect the phone by right-clicking on the current drive it is connected to and selecting "Eject". You will be notified it is safe to remove the phone from the computer.

If your computer is able to house more than one media at a time, you can drag the photos directly from the phone to the memory card or the jump drive. If you are inserting one of the devices after removing your phone, drag the images from your desktop to the media.

Finally, check the media you have transferred the images to prior to safely ejecting them via the same means listed above. The images should appear in complete form and are now in safe keeping.