How Does U-Verse Internet Work?

U-Verse is an Internet and television service provided by AT&T. It bundles the functionality of the Internet and your television services with home phones, if desired. The service uses high-powered fiber optics for connection and requires AT&T installed fiber optics in your area to work. To receive the U-Verse Internet, you are required to purchase the U-Verse television services as well. U-Verse doesn't offer a standalone Internet service, but it does offer a standalone television service without the Internet. Homes without access to fiber optics cannot receive U-verse.

Fiber optic cable
Fiber optics cables deliver faster Internet and on-demand television services.
credit: Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Fiber Optics

The U-verse Internet operates much faster than AT&T’s digital subscriber lines services because it uses fiber optics cabling instead, capable of larger data streams. The service includes the installation of a residential “Gateway,” the device that interacts with the U-verse network. It also serves a dual purpose as a router that connects your in-home network via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB connections.

Security Software

U-Verse access provides the residence with downloadable security software that includes parental controls, an “Address” guard, a pop-up blocker, antivirus software, anti-spam software and a firewall to protect the service from unwarranted attacks. When you subscribe to the U-Verse service for your home, this also includes access to the AT&T Wi-Fit network where ever it is available.


After you choose one of AT&T's many U-Verse plans, an AT&T technician will come to your home and add the connection from the fiber optics cabling to your home. In areas where the U-Verse option is not available because of the lack of fiber optics access, AT&T offers its high-speed DSL service as an alternative. U-Verse packages range in size from ones that start at 768 kilobits per second all the way up to 6 megabits per second download speeds and include television access as well.

Bundled Services

To save money on other services, such as cell phone and land-based home phones, AT&T offers multiple combination packages, or allows you to create one that works for your particular needs, from its website. When you use the website to set up the bundle you choose, you will save money over calling in and receiving assistance. Online prices vary from pricing when using the services of a customer-service representative.