How to Access an IP Camera

By Kenrick Callwood

IP Network Cameras can be accessed through the Internet if configured properly. This allows the system administrator to monitor the camera from anywhere he or she has access to an Internet connection. Having the ability to remotely monitor an IP camera makes the extra configuration steps worth the effort.

Things You'll Need

  • IP network camera
  • Internet connection
  • Computer
  • Static IP address

Opening the Router Ports

Step 1

Select "Run" from the Windows Start Menu and type "cmd" without quotation marks.

Step 2

Type "ipcong/all" without quotation marks in the command prompt window.

Step 3

Write down the IP address located on the "Default Gateway" line.

Step 4

Close the command prompt window and open an Internet browser.

Step 5

Type the previously recorded IP address in the address bar of the Internet browser.

Step 6

Access the router configuration interface by entering the user name and password supplied by the Internet service provider.

Step 7

Forward the proper port(s) and settings as defined by the manufacturer specific requirements of the IP camera. (Refer to the Resources section below for a list of routers and router specific instructions on how to forward ports.)

Step 8

Save the new configuration.

Accessing the IP Camera

Step 1

Contact the Internet service provider for the static IP address associated with the network that has the IP camera.

Step 2

Connect to an Internet connection outside the network where the IP camera is located.

Step 3

Open an Internet browser.

Step 4

Type the full static IP address supplied by the Internet service provider and the port that was forwarded during the configuration using the following syntax: The "x's" represent the IP address, and the "y's" are the target port, e.g.,

Step 5

Press the "enter" key to navigate to the public IP and connect to the IP camera.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is important to conduct the connection test on an Internet connection that is outside the home network to ensure that the configuration is working properly.