How to Access Birth Records Online for Free

By Joanne Cichetti

Most U.S. states treat birth records as public information that may be revealed to anyone, according to Spies Online. You could be looking to trace your own records, if you lost a copy of your birth certificate. Birth records also come in handy for performing a background check on potential employees. Using this information, you can confirm if the candidate is revealing true information about his origins. In any case, accessing birth records online is a simple task, and many websites let you perform this search for free.

Step 1

Search birth records on the Birth Details website. Enter the person's first and last name, and select his state of origin from the drop-down list. Hit "Search" to get information on the person's birth date, city and state.

Step 2

Search for birth details on Public Record Finder, which lists birth records by state. Select a state and enter information about the individual, including his first name, middle initials and last name. If the person you're looking for is on the website's database, you will get a certified copy of the birth certificate duly issued by the state.

Step 3

Use the Ancestry website to access the free birth records. Enter information about the concerned person, including his full name, father's name and mother's name in the search form. The more details you provide, the better results you will get.