How to Access Free Wi-Fi

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Find a free Wi-Fi location and you will never have to pay for Internet access again. There are several locations that use free Wi-Fi as a way to get customers in the door. Other businesses and government municipalities are generous enough to offer the free service. Here is how to access free Wi-Fi.

Step 1

Go to a business that offers free Wi-Fi. Go to food businesses like Bruegger's Bagels, Caribou Coffee, Panera Bread Company, and Krystal Restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi. Look on the wall for access info or ask an employee about the secret code you will need. Visit supply stores for free access like Office Depot, Staples, Apple Stores, and CompUSA stores. Check out other businesses that may offer free Wi-Fi depending on location such as Wegman's Supermarkets, EZ Lube Service Centers, and truck stops.

Step 2

Visit a local airport with free Wi-Fi. Most airports have free Wi-Fi. Go to Northwest Airlines WorldClubs or Alaska Airlines Clubs. Park yourself just outside the club and you can sometimes get free Wi-Fi as well.

Step 3

Stay at hotels, motels, and inns with free Wi-Fi. Most hotels have free Wi-Fi for the guests. Some even have free Wi-Fi access to anyone in the lobby area. Ask at the front desk about the access code.

Step 4

Check out an RV and Campground with free Wi-Fi. Subscribe to KOAKonnect dial-up service and get free Wi-Fi to the Hotspotzz Network at participating KOA Campgrounds. Ask at the front desk for other free Wi-Fi access programs at your favorite campground.

Step 5

Book a vacation rental property with free Wi-Fi. Book through a rental property management group in popular vacation areas. Most vacation rental owners have added free Wi-Fi in order to compete in a Wi-Fi happy world. Many also have computers for you to use to access the Internet.

Step 6

Find free Wi-Fi Hotspots in your area. Many parks and other government facilities offer free Internet access. Check out your county's website for a list of locations.

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